Q. Where /when can I check the room rate?

A.  Please visit " Book Now" to find the availability and the room rate.Reservations can be made up to 8 months in advance.

     E.g.Check in date: April 15th, Available to book: from September 1st(JPT) 

Q. Which credit cards/app do you accept?

A. VISA/ JCB/ MASTER/ DINERS CLUB/ DC/ UC/ MUFJ/ NICOS/GINREI (中国銀聯)/Ali pay,Wechat pay(on site payment ONLY)

Q. Do you need credit information for making reservation?

A. Yes.When you make a reservation online, your credit card will be settled the payment.
The payment for your stay in our hotel will never be charged on your credit card until after you check-out the hotel but every credit card will go through the validity checking process in advance.

Q. Do you have a cancel policy?

A.If you cancel ...

-Between 3 days and 2 day prior to your arrival:30% of the total will be charged.
-on the day before your arrival date: 50% of the total will be charged.
-on your arrival date: 100% of the total will be charged.

NOTE:When you make a cancelation through email, please put your arrival date.

Q. How should I pay on-site? Do you accept credit cards ?

A. We accept both CASH (JPY) ,CREDIT CARDS and Alipay/Wechat pay but you cannot pay by credit card but only in cash if the payment is below 3,000 yen.

【Check-in and Check-out】

Q. What time is your check-in time and check-out time ?

A. Our check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 10am.

Q. Can I leave my luggage if I arrive at your ryokan earlier ?

A. Yes. We can look after your luggage before your check in and after check out for FREE.

【Our Location】

Q. How long does it take to get to Ryokan Asunaro from Takayama station?

A. It takes about 6 min. on foot.

Q. How long does it take to go to main area?

A. Ryokan Asunaro is located in the down town area. Everything is very close and walkable. e.g. Old Street is 12 min. away on foot.

Q. Do you have a shuttle bus service?

A. No, we don’t have. Please take a taxi in front of JR Takayama station.It takes about 3 mins. by taxi.

Q. I need to exchange money to Japanese yen. Is there any banks nearby your hotel?

A. There is a bank near Takayama station. You can also use ATM at the convienience stores nearby to get cash, 24 hours all year round.


Q. Can I park my car?

A. Yes, we have FREE 15 parking spaces in front of the building on first-come first–served basis.

Q. I would like to use Wi-Fi (internet).

A. FREE Wi-Fi is available in all the guest rooms and the lobby.

Q. Is the public bath a hot spring (onsen) and what are the operating hours?

A. Yes, it is a hot spring. It is open in the morning from 6:30am to 9am and in the evening from 4pm to 11pm (Open hours may change time to time, please check the sign board displayed in front of the bath entrance). For the rules to take a bath, please check the website at http://travel-japan.jp/eng/bath/. We will also give you the information sheet "how to use a public bath" when you check-in.

Q. Do you have any private Onsen or family Onsen?

A. NO, we don't have any private Onsen and family Onsen in our hotel.

Q. Do you have any outdoor(open air) Onsen?

A. NO, we have indoor Onsen ONLY in our hotel.

Q. Do you have a private shower room in the guest rooms?

A. Yes. We have all rooms with private shower. We also have one FREE private shower room available on first-come first-served basis. It is open during 6:30am-9:30am and 4:00pm-11pm.

Q. Do you have non-smoking room ?

A. All our guest rooms and public areas are NON-SMOKING. Please use the smoking room beside the entrance.

Q. Is there a washing machine ?

A. Yes. There is a coin operated laundry on the 2nd floor. Available time is 8AM-9PM.

Q. What time is the curfew ?

A. The curfew is 11PM due to security reason.The front door is locked at 11:30PM.


Q. What time and where do you serve meals ?

A. We serve dinner (6:00 or 6:30pm) or breakfast (7:00, 7:30 or 8:00am) in the dining room.

  Note :Dinner is served for 1 night ONLY.  Please choose the plan half board or dinner included plan for 1night and breakfast plan for 1night if you would like to stay at our hotel for over 2 nights.

※ If the arrival time is after 7PM, we will not be able to be provided Kaiseki dinner(Japanese style course dinner).Dinner will be changed to a   lunch(Bento) box style dinner.

Q. What is served for dinner ?

A. Japanese traditional kaiseki cuisine. You will enjoy the acquired taste of Hida such as Hida beef (one of the highest quality beef in Japan ) and other local seasonal ingredients.

Q. I have an allergy. Can you cook dinner without any meat, fish or shrimp?

A. Yes we can but depending on the case. If you would like to change the menu, please make a request with the details at least 7 days in advance by email. We cannot change the menu after your arrival.

Please note that most dishes are cooked with “DASHI” which is soup stock made from fish and also with Sake (alcohole). If you have an allergy to seafood or you cannot accept alcohole because of religious reasons, we will introduce you vegetarian restaurants so please choose “ROOM ONLY” plan when you make a reservation.

Q. I will stay for 3 nights. Do you serve different menus every night?

A. Dinner is avaialble for 1 night ONLY.Therefore we ask you to choose Half board plan for 1night and Breakfast included plan for 2 nights. We will serve breakfast every day with different menu.

Q. Can I change breakfast to a Western-style one?

A. Yes but all guests will be served the Japanese-style breakfast on their first day. If staying two days or more, beyond the first day, guests have a choice between the Japanese-style breakfast or the Western-style breakfast. We will inquire about your preference for your next breakfast each morning. If you would like to have Western-style for your first breakfast, please let us know via e-mail prior to your arrival. We cannot change the menu if you request it when you check-in.

【Guest room】

Q . Can I see Japanese garden or good view from my room?

A. No, you cannot see good view from your room since Ryokan Asunaro is located in down town area. However you can still see Japanese garden from the lobby. 

Q. Do you have a private shower room in the guest rooms?

A. Yes. We have all rooms with private shower. We also have one FREE private shower room available on first-come first-served basis. It is open during 6:30am-9:30am and 4:00pm-11pm.

Q. What kind of amenities will be in my room?

A. The following amenities and equipment are prepared in all rooms.

toothbrush / towels / wash towel / Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) / refrigerator / television / safety box / hair dryer / electric kettle/ shaver / shampoo,conditioner, body wash / shower cap/ Green tea set / humidification air cleaner/ sewing item

Q. How do you wear a yukata (japanese bathrobe)? Can we go outside with the yukata?

A. For how to wear the yukata, please check the website below.
(http://travel-japan.jp/eng/yukata/ ) You can neither go outside with the yukata on nor take it home with you. You can purchase Yukata at the front desk.


Q. Can I rent a bicycle or umbrella?

A. Yes, you can. FREE 7 bicycles and FREE umbrellas are available for guests on first-come first–served basis. PLease note that our bicycles are available for adults ONLY(included over 12-year-age children). We don't have any bicycles for kids or child seats.

Q. I would like to send my luggage to Ryokan Asunaro in advance. Also send it to next hotel or airport. Can you arrange?

A. Yes, we will send and receive your luggage. The cost to send it will be depending on the weight and size. Please privide your next hotel information when checking in.

Q. I would like to celebrate my friend's birthday. Do you have any special offers?

A. Yes, we can prepare a birthday cake for your friend. Please e-amil us about it after booking. We will reply to you about the detail.
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