Ryokan Asunaro

I am Masayoshi Seue, an owner of Asunaro Inn, and the woman next to me in the photo is my wife Yukiko who is in charge of the management. Asunaro Inn is a traditional style building made from 200-year-old timbers" Keyaki" brought from the historic Echigo area in Niigata Prefecture. We welcome foreign tourists to our inn with our warm hospitality and homely atmosphere, we would like you to enjoy Japanese traditions, culture and cuisine with us. We hope that you would consider Asunaro Inn as your premier choice. Thank you very much.

The lobby used to be an old landlord's house in the village on the mountain of Niigata prefecture,and was built with thick "Kekyaki". This house was built without nails to be able to withstand the high humidity and 4-5 meters of snow. Our lobby has a great reputation because it displays the consistency, simplicity, and serenity of the Japanese architecture style. We preserve this greatful cultural site.

We are sure that all our guests will be pleased with the beauty of the old Japanese architecture. We promise you will feel relaxed and at home.

- Owner of Asunaro -

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