The thick beams and pillars of Zelcova
give you a taste of the wealthy farmers' life.

Dining Room

Dinner and breakfast are served in this dining room
on the grand floor.

Indoor Stairs


Small gift shop

Hina Doll

Free Coffee (7AM-10AM)

Free rental umbrella

Free rental bikes

Free internet access

(computer station is available 8AM-9PM in the lobby. FREE Wi-Fi is available 24hours)

Free rental Yukata (Japanese bathrobe)

Upon your arrival, you may select a Japanese bathrobe that you can wear at any time in the building. We have many types to choose from, with various designs and colors.

Free private shower room is available on first-come first-served basis.

(Available time:6:30AM-9:30AM, 4PM-11PM)

  • Room Equipment
    toothbrush / towel / bath towel / Japanese YUKATA / refrigerator / television / cashbox / dryer / electric pot / shaver / shampoo with conditioner / shower cap/ Green tea set / pot / FREE bottled water and sweets (only for adults)/ humidification air cleaner/ sewing equipment/
  • Bath Equipment
    dryer / shampoo with conditioner / body soap / cosmetic (Cotton Swab, Skin Lotion)
  • Utilities
    air conditioner / automatic dispenser / internet access /
    vending machine to buy a beverage
  • Bathroom
    European-style toilet
  • Cur few
    Curfew is 11PM
    (Due to security reason, most of Japanese style Inns have a curfew in Japan)
  • Front desk
    Front desk opens 7AM-9:30PM (Except emergency case)
  • Car park
    FREE spaces for 15 cars
    (You can leave your car with us before check-in, after check-out)
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