Taste of Hida
Japanese traditional cuisine

Rich taste cuisine with hospitality

Traditional cuisine with Hida beef and other local seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy the acquired taste of Hida

Guests will be served dinner for up to two nights. Each night will be a different traditional Japanese dinner.
However, we regret that dinner will not be served to guests who stay beyond the second night.


Japanese Style

A very healthy breakfast menu with a miso dip, sansai (a wild edible plant), traditional pickles, and more. Enjoy the taste of the local food.

Breakfast is served in the dining room on the first (ground) floor. A few dishes will be changed each season.

Western Style

Guests will be served the Japanese-style breakfast on their first day. If staying two days or more, beyond the first day, guests have a choice between the Japanese-style breakfast or the Western-style breakfast.

You will be asked your preference of the next breakfast each morning.  If you would like Western-style for your first breakfast, please let us know via e-mail prior to your arrival.

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